MLB Designs, Inc.

Designing for you &

bringing your vision to life

MLB Designs Inc., is a regional residential design firm specializing in custom designs, plan libraries, remodels and as-builts. We believe open communication and collaboration increases the creative potential and makes the process more enjoyable for everyone involved.

New Custom Plans

We will work with you to design the custom house you’ve always dreamed of calling “home.” Whether a 1,500 sf beach house on pilings or a 5,500 sf home for your large family, we can design exactly what you need with everything you want.

Custom Plan Libraries

We can build custom plan libraries if you are building a new community and want the streetscape to be similar but different. We’ll create the library for you to select which elevation or plan you prefer to build on each lot.

Additions & Remodels

Are you looking to add an additional 900 sf on the back of the current home you love? We will design the addition of your dreams. Do you have an older home you want to remodel? We can take care of that design for you too!

As-Builts & Measurementts

Sometimes you find yourself in need of plans and accurate measurements for your current home but don’t have any. We will come to you, take measurements, and create the plans precisely as your house is built today.